Casino Royale

Casino Royale was the first James Bond film to star Daniel Craig and became a huge smash when released in November 2006. Based on the first Bond novel by Ian Fleming, the story was updated and extended. The casting of Craig as Bond proved to be controversial when first announced, but fans warmed to his gritty performance which was helped by the first decent script for years.

Eva Green was also on top form as Vesper Lynd, and wore an Algerian Love Knot necklace throughout the movie. Although Bond realizes that she had been given it by someone special to her, it is not until it is too late that he learns that it was given to her by her Algerian lover.

It has also be rumored that the Algerian Love Knot will appear in Quantum of Solace, although we’ll have to wait until later this year to confirm that. Since Vesper’s Algerian lover may make an appearance in the movie it seems that this rumor is not without some foundation.

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