Algerian Love Knot

An Algerian Love Knot consists of three or more interlinking metallic rings that have been flattened and decorated with an intricate Arabic design.

Symbolizing eternal love, Algerian Love Knot necklaces became a popular item of jewelry after the release of Casino Royale, in which the Bond girl – Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green – wore a spectacular item commissioned from Sophie Harley, which returned in Quantum of Solace and inspired the Bond Girl Algerian Love Knot.

Sophie Harley’s design consists of four interlinked rings and is manufactured in London from hallmarked silver with 18ct gold plating and has a price to match the quality and exclusivity of the design – it currently retails for £1,939, some $2,900 at the current exchange rate.

Budget alternatives

Inspired by the demand for an affordable Algerian Love Knot, jewellers in the United States were motivated to design their “Bond Girl Algerian Love Knot” necklace from sterling silver. Although not in the same class as the item designed for Casino Royale, the necklace has been a huge success and has been shipped to customers around the world.

Feedback from customers is uniformly high, praising its construction, finish and value for money.

While you should definitely purchase the Sophie Harley design if it fits your budget, the current economic climate means that many people are looking to cut back their expenditure. The good news is that the girlfriend or wife of any James Bond fan receiving this product is sure to be happy with the quality and construction.

And with the money you saved she’ll be able to show off her new necklace when you take her out for that romantic Champagne dinner…

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